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About The Author:

Azuree Ashby

Azuree Ashby is a Certified Public Accountant turned relationship expert. As she began to coach the clients in the tax firm she built, she realized that her true passion lies in helping couples have a better relationship.  In order to pursue her new passion, she sold her tax firm so that she could achieve her dream of helping couples.  

She has coached many couples in their relationship with money and each other and continues to coach couples to this day.  After over five years of working with couples and learning the dynamics of intimate relationships, Azuree has decided to share what she has learned and the conversations she has created with the world!

She is an app creator, author, and coach.  She believes that is just the beginning of the product line that she intends on introducing.  Look soon for new volumes of Courageous Conversations where we talk about kids, values, and more!

Azuree coaches couples with their money relationship.  In addition to money coaching, Azuree is currently offering coaching for couples who are reading Courageous Conversations and need some clarification or further help on a certain matter.  If you are interested, please email her and be as specific as you can.  Include the length of session you are interested in, the exact topic you would like discuss, and any relavent background.  She will email you back a calendar link for the type of session you are interested in.

  • 50 min sessions are $150

  • 90 min sessions are $250

Interested In Being Coached By Azuree?  Just email her! --->
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