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Courageous Conversations: A workbook & guide to talking to your partner about sex, communication, and money!

Couples often avoid hard conversations.  A courageous conversation can be a conversation that is hard to have, but one that you are committed to having in order to improve your relationship.  Making that commitment makes you courageous, and this book will help you be as successful as possible.

These courageous conversations, contained in this book, give couples a guide for each conversation by giving them both background information and specific guided questions they can answer. The book gives couples tools to ensure that each conversation occurs in a safe space for sharing, something that is extremely important when having a courageous conversation!

Aren't sure how to talk to your partner about things like sex or money?  Are there things you want to talk about, but you aren't sure how to communicate them?   Want to have a meaningful date night? Use these conversations to improve communication, increase intimacy, and create lasting passion!

With over thirty in-depth courageous conversations, this guide is just what couples have been looking for!  It guides you through important conversations that you are not sure how to have or how to begin.  The conversations that you will have with your partner can change your life!

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